What’s New with Surpass – May 2022

May 23, 2022
What's New at Surpass - May 2022

We’re always innovating and driving Surpass into the future as we strive to be the best library management system in the industry. We’ve released several product updates over the last few months and wanted to catch you up on what’s changed.

Recent Changes

Here’s a rundown of the most recent changes to Surpass:

Highlights include new printing options such as support for Mac computers, paper-saving printing features, and new library card printing options.

New usability enhancements include custom date fields for patron records, phrase searches in Surpass Cloud Admin and OPAC, the ability to duplicate reports, and the ability to disable bar codes auto-assignments (useful when cataloging resources that already have a barcode).

There have also been several behind-the-scenes improvements and minor product updates as well. Check our support docs for full details on Surpass product updates.

What’s Next?

Many additional enhancements and upgrades are on track to be released this spring and throughout the rest of 2022. Curious about what’s coming soon for Surpass? Check out our product development roadmap.

Do you have any feature suggestions or usability improvements that you would like to see? Let us know in the comments.

New to Surpass?

Surpass is the easy-to-use, cloud-based library management system for libraries of all types and sizes. Whether you’re a school, church, museum, business, or any other organization with resources to lend, Surpass is likely a good fit for you. We pride ourselves on being affordable and flexible, with an expert support team ready to help you at a moment’s notice.

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