Surpass Copycat

The Essential Tool for Downloading free MARC Records!


Copycat expands the Quick Cataloging feature that’s built into Surpass Central with a full-featured copy cataloging application offering more features.


With Surpass Copycat you can quickly and easily download free MARC records. It’s as easy as scanning the ISBN/EAN barcode from the back of the book!  Copycat has over 300 free sources for records already bookmarked and ready to search.  These are libraries such as the US Library of Congress, universities, large public libraries and more.  While some of those libraries offer web-based catalogs, downloading records from them is either not offered, or tedious, while copy-and-paste on a field-by-field basis is labor intensive.  Surpass Copycat makes the whole process fast and efficient!


Surpass Copycat offers the following benefits over the built-in Quick Cataloging feature of Central:

  • More libraries: Quick Cataloging only searches LOC; Copycat searches many libraries at once
  • Search by author/title in addition to ISBN
  • Batch search: enter a whole list of ISBNs and let Copycat go find them all!
  • Multiple results: a results list of matches from multiple libraries lets you compare and select the best record

Scan and Search: Many publishers include an EAN barcode on the back of the book. With Surpass Copycat you can simply scan the barcode (in single search or multi-search mode) and let Surpass Copycat translate it into an ISBN for searching!

Multi-search: Now you can use Surpass Copycat for “auto recon”. This powerful time-saver allows you to load in an ISBN list, or simply scan a list of barcodes from the back of a stack of books, then let Surpass Copycat go to work finding matches for the whole list!


Multiple-database search: You can set Copycat to search a whole list of libraries for your materials. You have the option of telling Copycat to stop searching once a match is found at one library, or continuing to search all selected libraries for additional “hits” so that you can compare and select the best match. You can even tell Copycat what order to use when searching.


Find the best record: Copycat lets you search multiple libraries for the same book then review the results from each to choose the best match or most complete record to use in Surpass for your own record.



  • Pre-configured list of over 300 libraries worldwide
  • Connect to and search multiple libraries with a single search
  • Select any library to be in your “favorites” list
  • Add new z39.50 sources as they become available
  • View the full MARC record before export
  • Edit the full MARC record before export
  • Add, edit, or delete fields or subfields before export
  • Add local holdings information such as call number before export
  • Add items from multiple searches to a temporary “bookbag” while you work
  • Full MARC view or card view
  • Add copies and copy information before export
  • Save records to a standard MARC file to be imported into any library automation system
  • Surpass users can save records directly into the Surpass database

“I can’t express what a terrific program [Copycat] is.  It makes cataloging a breeze.  WOW!  I was totally awe-struck.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe the efficiency.  It’s 10 times easier than Precision One and I love the feature of instant transfer into Surpass Central.”

Kathy Supiran

Dansville Elementary