Surpass Self Check

When patrons check out their own materials and obtain basic account information independently, YOU have more time to devote to those tasks only YOU can do: helping patrons select and use materials, teaching, planning, shelving.

Surpass Self-Check gives you the extra time you’ve always wanted!

self-check-2Surpass Self-Check is an easy-to-use program that allows library patrons to check out materials and access account information such as materials on loan, overdue materials, and fines owed. They can also be given access to check in materials. The software features automatic book-jacket cover image display for materials.

Surpass Self-Check Configurations

Configure your ideal self-service station with Surpass Self-Check software. Run the software on your own PC and choose a touch screen or mouse for patron use, then lock away the keyboard to secure the computer.

Full-Time Kiosk
Run Surpass Self-Check on a computer dedicated to self-service. Patrons can use the self-service station at the same time you are working and circulating materials at the circulation desk.

Part-time Self-Service
You can offer Surpass Self-Check when your library is unmanned for a period of time. Install Surpass Self-Check on your PC and provide a barcode imager and keyboard or mouse for patrons to use the station. Before you leave, simply start the software and turn the monitor for patrons to see.

For schools
You have more time to work with patrons. Students, faculty and staff can easily circulate their own materials and inquire into their accounts. You’re freed to help patrons select and use materials.

For religious and special libraries
Patrons can easily circulate materials when the library is unmanned. If you have a volunteer, he or she can assist patrons while those who have selected materials check out on their own.

For understaffed media centers.
SSC automates rote tasks, freeing you to plan, shelve and meet patrons’ research needs.

For corporate libraries
Your library can be available the entire work day even if you don’t have a full-time employee to man it. Employees can select and check out materials and inquire into their accounts freely throughout the day.

Surpass Self-Check was piloted in an elementary school! On-screen prompts and a simple check-out procedure make the program easy for most ages and abilities to use.

A successful scan produces an affirming “beep” and displays the book jacket (where available) for visual verification. A distinct, customizable sound alerts you to problems.

Patrons appreciate being able to “help themselves” while you are working with others. Children and adults alike enjoy the interactive touch screen process.

Surpass Self-Check will run on your own PC with or without a touch screen.  If you do not purchase a touch-screen monitor, you will need to leave a mouse available for patron use (the keyboard is not needed).

Surpass Slip-Printers are compatible with Surpass Self-Check for providing printed date-due slips for patrons.


Though any Surpass scanner will work with Surpass Self-Check, we recommend the imager. It projects a wider scan beam that stays lit so the patron can see it shining on the desk at all times. Its larger, flexible stand makes it easier to position the book for scanning.

To purchase or check pricing on Self-Check compatible hardware, click to visit the Online Store.

The Self-Check station has been a great addition to our media center.  The ability for students to check their materials in and out on their own has been wonderful!! Having only two check-out stations made it difficult to service multiple students at once.  However, with the addition of the Self-Check station, more students are able to be serviced in a timely manner.  Because our media center serves almost 1800 students, the Self-check station has been a great investment.

Jaime Garrett

Calhoun Educational Complex