Success Stories

Ellijay Church of Christ enjoying Surpass CL
Jen“Surpass CL is so easy to use!”

interview with Jennifer Painter, volunteer librarian Ellijay (GA) Church of Christ

What would you say to library volunteers considering automation?

Some library volunteers are afraid automating will be too complicated for them. To those scared of automation I would say, “Try it!” Surpass CL is really simple. It’s not something to be afraid of. It’s something to applaud and be very excited about! Surpass CL makes my job easier.

How did you select Surpass CL?

I researched numerous automation programs, and Surpass CL was the only one that I found that had everything I needed and I could still afford. Actually, it does a whole lot more than the other programs! And Surpass CL is so easy to use!

What are some of your favorite Surpass features?

I cannot say enough about Quick Cataloging! It has cut my time cataloging by more than half. It would take about 15 to 45 minutes to catalog by hand. With Quick Cataloging, I can pull a MARC record from a database and it’s almost instantaneous!

Another thing I love about Surpass CL is that I can print spine labels and barcodes. I’m doing everything: cataloging, printing barcodes and spine labels; everything is right there. I don’t need anything other than Surpass CL and a laser printer!

Also, if I need support, I can get it. I don’t have to wait; it’s there!

What is the plan for your library?

I went to the elders with a five-year plan, including a $2,000 annual budget. Right now I am cataloging about 5,000 books. I am circulating at the same time. I was afraid I’d have to shut down the library to get everything done, but I haven’t had to do that!

Soon I plan to begin using Surpass Self-Check full time, which will be very handy. It will allow patrons to check out materials when I’m not there. I’ve already had several patrons tell me “that was easy” after using Self-Check.

I am currently adding Surpass CL Safari [searchable patron catalog] and look forward to it helping my patrons find the items they’re looking for with greater ease and speed.

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