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"We've always been pleased with our decision to choose this program.  We've never been tempted to rethink our decision.  Thank you for all the years of good service."

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Surpass Select is the premier automation system for individual libraries.  It’s ideal for school libraries, public libraries and special libraries with over 5,000 volumes.

Based on years of feedback from librarians, Surpass Select is a feature-rich solution with an interface that’s so intuitive most users just jump right in!

Surpass Select is available in a single-user edition, multi-user network edition, and web based edition hosted on your own servers.  Choose to add our hosting service to run Surpass as a cloud-based library automation system.

Pricing starts at:
$2100 for single-user
$2220 for network version
$3300 for Web Select (web-ready catalog, your site)
Web Select is eligible to subscribe to Surpass Hosting Service at an additional cost for cloud-based access.

Actual pricing for each option above is based on which Surpass applications are included in your bundled purchase.

Ask your sales representative about periodic specials or discounts for K-12 schools.

Surpass Select Applications:


Circulation, administration, cataloging, reporting


Manage your periodical subscriptions


Mobile Circulation

Surpass Safari

Patron catalog (bundled with Central)


Copy cataloging client – free MARC records via z39.50


Added portable barcode reader functions

Self Check

Self-service circulation and account inquiry

Also available for use with Surpass Select:

Library Trek Mobile

Patron access from iOS and Android devices