Safari Selections

Extend and enhance your Surpass catalog
With an inexpensive Safari Selections subscription, your cataloging information in Safari is instantly and automatically enhanced with:
  • Book Jacket Cover Images
  • Table of Contents
  • Author Notes
  • Fiction Profiles – main characters, settings, awards, and more
  • Biography Profiles
  • Professional Reviews: from publications such as School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Choice, Booklist and Library Journal
  • Chapter Excerpts & First Chapters
  • Books In Series (Level 2 Subscription required)
  • Video & Music Enhancements (Level 2 Subscription required)
  • Awards & Honors subscription is now included with your Safari Selections Level 1 or 2 subscription

All enhanced content available for a record is retrieved by Internet automatically and seamlessly using the ISBNs from your MARC records. There is no database preparation; when your service begins, the content appears immediately! Content is available for over 10 million titles!

Book Jackets – Cover Images

There are over 4 million titles with book jacket images available on our content server. Over 20,000 new images are added per week!

Both thumbnail and large images are displayed in Surpass Safari.



Safari will automatically include summary information in the “least detail” and “more detail” views when a summary is not included in your MARC records (Field 520$a). There are over 2.7 million summaries and annotations available through the Safari Selections subscription.


Author Notes

Biographical notes about a book’s author are taken directly from the book jacket or from the publisher.

Table Of Contents

Safari Selections can show patrons the table of contents for nearly 1 million titles. The table of contents can be a tremendous help to patrons when deciding whether or not a particular title would be of interest.


Excerpts And First Chapters

Read a few pages of the book right in Safari!


Fiction & Biography Profiles

Additional information is available for selected biographies. This includes the biographees’ name, gender, dates of flourishing, occupation, achievements, topical references, time periods and geographical references. Fiction profiles may include information on series, awards, characters, setting, time period, genre and topics.

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Professional Reviews

Safari gives your patrons access to professionally written reviews from sources including Library Journal, School Library Journal (for K12 subscribers), Publishers Weekly, and Booklist.


Books In Series – Available With A Level 2 Subscription

Books In Series lets your patrons know the order of books in a series.  With just a glance, patrons can know which book is next in a series they are reading.  The series display even contains the cover jacket image of each book.

Video & Music Enhancements  – Available With A Level 2 Subscription

The V&M enhanced content will display cover art for DVD videos, Blue-ray discs and music CDs.  Videos will include a description/summary and CDs will often include a track listing.


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