Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Surpass?

Visit the system requirements page for details.

Will Surpass work on a MAC?

There are two ways to run Surpass if you have a Mac.  If you subscribe to Surpass Hosting Service, you can access Surpass from any computer, Mac or Windows.  If you run Surpass locally, you will need to use a Mac program that allows Windows programs to run on your Mac.  Parallels is a popular way to do this that allows both Mac and Windows to be run at the same time.  Bootcamp allows your Mac to boot into Windows.

Will Surpass work on Chromebooks when hosted?

Surpass Safari, the patron catalog for Surpass, is a standard HTML web site, accessible from any browser, including the browser on a Chromebook.  Additionally, the Go-Circ circulation module also runs well on Chromebooks.  However, Surpass Central, the full administrative program, does not run on a Chromebook, even when your system is hosted with us.  This means that some administrative features such as cataloging, reports, and printing of barcode labels will not be available.

Can I purchase Surpass CL for the school run by my church?

Surpass CL is only for church libraries, not church-school libraries.  If the library serves the congregation of a church, then you can purchase CL.  If the library serves both the church and the school, then you will need to purchase Surpass SL or Surpass Select.

Can I import my current records?

Surpass is a MARC based system and can only import MARC records. If you can export your current records in MARC format, they will probably import into Surpass with few problems.  You may be able to export/import these records yourself, or we can do this for you for a fee.  If your records are in Excel, we can probably do a materials conversion and convert them into MARC format for import.  Unless there is extra record manipulation to do be done, the basic conversion charges begin at $350. Contact our sales office for details.

Will I be able to keep my existing barcodes?

Most barcodes generated by an existing library automation program will probably be compatible. Contact the sales office for instructions on how to use the demo to test the compatibility of the existing barcodes.

Can I import my students/patrons from a SIS or existing patron database?

A custom template (PImport) can be purchased for importing records from an existing database. (Complex files with fields that need to be split or merged may require additional custom programming at an additional rate, but a basic PImport begins at $250.)

How much does Surpass cost?

Our sales representatives will help you customize a package that best suits the needs and budget of your library. CL for church libraries starts at $495 for the administrative module, CL Central. The basic package for SL (small libraries with under 5000 materials) begins at $995 and the Select software (for libraries with over 5000 materials) starts at $2100. We offer add-ons, scanners, processing supplies, and hosting services for additional costs. Please contact the sales office at 877-625-2657 x 117 for a customized quote for your library.

How long does it take to get Surpass up and running?

After payment, you will receive a Welcome Letter with a client ID/password for the support site (usually within 24 hours.) You may then go to the support site and immediately download/install the software. You will need to call the sales or support office for license numbers. If you are also purchasing hosting services, it will usually take 24-36 hours to have your hosted account ready.

Can we put our catalog on our web page?

Surpass Web SL/Web Select can be placed on an in-house web server or we can host on our remote servers. The catalog will have a url when installed on a web server and that url can be a link on your web page.  When we host, the administrative modules will be accessed by logging on to our servers and then opening the software. CL customers will need to purchase the multi-user software in addition to CL Central and CL Safari and contract for hosting services in order to have their catalog on the web.

Does Surpass automatically send overdue notices?

Surpass has overdue notices and reminders but they are not sent automatically. These are reports that will need to be run manually.

Will I be able to use Surpass on more than one computer?

Surpass can be licensed as a single user for use on one computer only or can be licensed to be installed on a network server and distributed to multiple computers. Pricing will vary with the number of workstations that will access the software.  Your sales representative will be able to quote you pricing for the number of workstations you need.

What kind of training is available after we purchase?

After purchasing, you will receive a client ID/password for the Surpass Support site where you will find links to various training materials such as short videos, and webinars that are approximately an hour long. An extensive user’s guide is available for download from the support site. Online user’s guide is also available within via Central’s Help option. Customized live webinars and on-site training can be purchased.

Are there annual fees after the initial purchase?

If your library subscribes to Surpass Hosting Service, there is a required annual fee for Surpass Support and Surpass Hosting Service.

If you run Surpass locally, you receive one year of support with your purchase, including program updates and all other support services.  After the first year your support renewal is optional, but you will no longer be entitled to software updates or any of the support services if you choose not to subscribe.  If you drop your subscription, you may pick it up again at any time in the future without penalty or back-pay.

Certain add-on subscriptions are only available to Surpass Support subscribers.  Access to the Surpass Support web site with the knowledgebase, tutorial videos, and latest software downloads is only available to Surpass Support subscribers.

Support includes the ability to contact the support team, software updates, Surpass Cloud Backup, access to the support site, invitation to the Surpass listserv, and book jackets for Safari from Open Library.