Van Alstyne Elementary School

She won’t run a library with out Surpass!

We have been using Surpass Central for more than three years now, and I can say the company chose the right name.  The software and tech support have surpassed our expectations. Hence, “Surpass” is well named!  The software is easy to use, and the tech support is terrific.  When we call them for help, most often we are able talk to someone immediately.  If we do leave a message, it is promptly returned.  They mean it when they say they will return the call “within 30 minutes.”

Most recently I purchased a new scanner, the Voyager 9520, from Surpass.  I was so happy when it arrived, and I installed it that afternoon.  I was dismayed, however, when I saw that it would not read the majority of my barcodes.  I called tech support at Surpass, and they had never encountered this problem either.  I was afraid there was no hope for my new scanner, apart from printing new barcodes for my library of more than 12,000 items.  Surpass technicians apparently enjoy a challenge, so they went to work to solve it that afternoon.  When I arrived at work the next morning, I received instructions with a screen shot showing me exactly which setting I needed to change in Setup.  I did as instructed and the problem was instantly solved!

It is wonderful to have good software, but it is even more wonderful to know and work with the people behind that software.  The Surpass team is the best I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve used four different software companies in the libraries I’ve served.  The Surpass team has my admiration and gratitude.  I won’t run a library without Surpass!