Growing Your Collections

Oct 31, 2023


Libraries grow their collections continuously, adding new items as they are purchased or donated. When deciding which resources to buy, or which donations to keep, your ILS plays an important role. Evaluating your collection to see which topics are over- or under-represented, what needs to be updated, and if you already have a copy of a particular resource is made much easier by your ILS.


Reporting and making informed decisions

Your ILS should have an array of reporting functions available to give you the data you need to help acquire items that will strengthen your collection. Reports that show how many items are in a particular category or subject field can help you see what areas may have plenty of resources already, and which areas could be improved.
Circulation statistics can also show how often certain areas of the collection are being used, so you can build up areas of interest to your patrons.
Other reports tell you which items are missing or lost. You can then decide whether or not the resources need replacement.
Age analysis reports about certain subjects, such as medical or legal reference works, can help you ensure that you are providing current, relevant information.

Searching and Collection Development

Being able to effectively search both your administrative module and your online catalog is essential. First of all, before buying an item or keeping it if donated, you need to know if you have it already.
Another search that can be performed is a Subject search or Call Number search, that can give you a better understanding of the items you have. This is another way to see what areas need development.


Being able to retrieve data from your ILS effectively will help you to build a collection that your patrons will find useful. Making informed decisions will prevent you from spending your limited budget on items that are not needed for your collection. Your ILS should have a selection of tools that you can use to get the data you need.

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