Your ILS and Library Displays

Aug 25, 2023

Your ILS and Library Displays




A fun way to promote parts of your collection is with an eye-catching, creative book display. Of course, displays can also include other types of resources like audiobooks and Blu-rays as well.


Diverse Display Themes 


Displays can be created for an almost endless variety of topics. New additions to the library collection are likely the most common theme. Holidays and observances of events such as Women’s History Month are also frequent topics.


Harnessing Your ILS for Effective Displays


Your ILS can be used in many ways to help you set up a display that shows off the resources in your library and raise patron awareness about your offerings. Maybe someone didn’t know about your collection of Large Print books—until you put up a display including them. One way that your ILS can help is to enable you to search for items at your library that will fit in with the theme that you decide on. Good item records with multiple subject headings will make a big impact on the success rate of searches.


Streamlining Display Management


To help those items find their way back to the display after they are borrowed, you can use your ILS to change their statuses to “On Display”. This will also help library staff and patrons find items by telling users that the resource is not in its usual location.


OPAC: Your Display Showcase 

Another tool that you can use is your OPAC—you can add a widget to the home page to announce current and upcoming displays. If your ILS has a calendar feature in its OPAC, you could enter the dates that the display will be up as an event.


Elevating Your Library’s Impact 

The sky is the limit in planning a great display, and your ILS should help you reach new heights in promoting your library.


About Surpass 

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