Customer Quotes List

The system is so easy to use that entering records is a pleasure, and the information retrieval system serves my patrons very well. When I do hit a snag, Surpass Support is fantastic. Surpass indeed supports all I do and makes my job easier.

Lois Zajic

Librarian, Children's Guild

What do I like best about Surpass? In a nutshell, EVERYTHING! Surpass is such a great program. I cannot say enough good things about Surpass.

Helen D. Smith

Tri-County High School, Buena Vista, GA

I am continually amazed at the user friendly quality and wonderful simplicity of the Surpass program. When compared with other unfocused ‘sloppy’ software, Surpass will have to be at the top.

Ann Counselman

A. L. Johnson School, Thomaston, AL

Training was wonderful! Kim, the instructor, was highly knowledgeable and extremely willing to work at our pace. I cannot believe how much I learned…I highly recommend Surpass training!

Linda Scholl

Western Middle School, Parma, MI

I have been using Surpass for years and have been very satisfied. It is a reliable database and easily used by patrons of all ages

Sylvia Brumbelow

Calhoun Middle/High School, Calhoun, GA

I have said it too many times to count, but in my world, Surpass Central surpasses all the other library automation systems. I thank you for hiring the most supportive patient techs. I thank you for listening to librarians about new features needed and adding them. I thank you for always improving the program. I thank you for making it affordable for school libraries. I thank you for making library management easier when there is only one librarian. I thank you for developing Surpass.

Kathy Loser

Librarian, Bloomington HS North

Surpass has one of the best support teams I have dealt with. They make it so easy to solve any problem.

Maureen Findley

White Haven, Librarian

Great service as always. Nothing to improve!! Still the best team ever.

John DeCaro

St. Clair Windsor, Library Technician

I’ve always appreciated the help given by your technicians. Thanks for the support!

Judi Bidne

Westlock Chapel, Librarian

No possibility to improve past the perfect service I always receive. I am so grateful for the wonderful Surpass system, and for the excellent service that comes with it. They are the best, and they have given me “surpassingly” great service for over 20 years!

Lois Zajic

The Children’s Guild, Librarian

You could not improve your service, because you can't get better than perfect.

Lois Zajic

The Children’s Guild, Librarian